IMG_20170409_201842_407.jpgIm a Young Vibrant 40 Year Old Woman.. Who is a Single Mother 2 One.  Our Story is Unlike Any Other. For We All Know the Feeling of Struggle.. The Time it Takes for  Endurance to Overcome.. The Focus and Drive 4 Perfection..Tho Religion Makes Us Weak and We’re looked Upon as Heathens & Devilish Sinners.

I Am One Who Tends to Speak With Her Mind and Her Heart.. But Guarded yet Willing 2 Surrender. I’m a Lover Not a Fighter.  Still.. I Won’t Back down to Disrespect or Dishonor.  I Hold My Own. I’m single for the Most Part.. Difficult in My ways. I’m Focused on Family First.  I was Raised within a Family where I was made to Feel like The Hood Cinderella.  I Was 15… Becoming a Ward of the State.  I Got Caught Up Real Quick.  By 21.. I had My Only Daughter with a Man who was quick with his Temper..  Domestic Violence at it’s Best. My Life In a Nut Shell. I was Young N Full of GAME.  I Never Backed Down.  My Daughter Completed Me N I Was Given a Chance 2 Give Life. I Thought My Destiny was Complete. To be a Mother.. Only Mother’s will Understand.

By 2 My daughter- Would Become ill. Sick Not Eatin.. High Fevers at Night.  Meanwhile Medicaid Doctors.. R Telling Me: there’s nothing wrong.  My Motherhood Instinct said different.  Long story short.. She ends up at the hospital.. Double pneumonia..Fluid surrounding her Collapsed lung. All Day she was in surgery. They said because of the scar tissue.. The calcifications on her lungs.  They called her a survivor in the ICU.. N all I could do is cry.  I Thank God Each day.. For watching over her n bringing her through. God knows.

I Graduated First in My Family with a College Degree.. Even tho it took Me over 7 years 2 complete.. I did.  Not because I had something to prove but because I knew An Education.. Is the One Thing that Can Give U the Ability to Propel U In the Right Direction.  N God knows.. I Needed and wanted something different.

I started this Blog because One Day I Hope My story will inspire someone to keep going. 2 Motivate One in Such a Way that if U Keep pushing U Will come 2 a place of peace and understanding. Life is to b lived not forsaken.  There’s Blessings in the Midst.. If U just Hold On.

My Story Continues..